Pink Haze won’t change the world, but the women who smoke it will

For women who take their fun seriously, here’s to higher living. From sophisticated women who run executive board meetings to elegant mothers handling family business, celebrate the luxury of being you. Whether you’re headed to a fabulous dinner party, a Broadway show, or just relaxing in a foamy bathtub, admit it, you have higher standards. So do we.

Live by your own rules, accept no judgement, and enjoy the high life.

Who We Are

We Rise by Lifting Others

As women, we settle too often – and cannabis is no exception. It’s time for us to get what we’ve been waiting for – a cannabis brand especially for women by women. That’s why Pink Haze is here.

Pink Haze was born to empower women who celebrate themselves and encourage women to live fully and uninhibited. As a luxury cannabis lifestyle brand for the modern woman, we offer the ultimate indulgence.


Our Community

Together as the Pink Sesh Society, we pledge to live exceptionally, accept no judgement, be our beautiful selves, live by our own rules, and empower ourselves to empower others. Pink Sesh Society products are limited release items.

Our collaborations come and go – like event tickets, they sell out. If you miss out, don’t fret, don’t get FOMO, more will come. Find your tribe. It only takes two or more women to have a proper Pink Sesh.

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Our Pledge to you

At Pink Haze, we pledge to provide women a decadent escape from the ordinary cannabis pre-rolls; to ensure the highest standards in our products, transparency in our ingredients, and dedication in our services; to educate and enlighten; to help empower women to celebrate themselves, conquer anxiety, and manage ailments through the use of cannabis; and invariably be the support women need to live fully and uninhibited.

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