2020 Holidaze Gift Guide: Buy from Women

When you choose to buy from women, you choose to empower women.

We curated this Holidaze Gift Guide filled with female-owned, cannabis-inspired businesses to help make your holiday shopping a little bit easier.  

We broke the gift guide down into four categories: 

  • Accessories
  • Apparel 
  • Glassware
  • Lifestyle

Toke up, and get gifting! 


ASCHE Le Porteur Leopard Lighter Cover

ASCHE Le Porteur Leopard Lighter Cover

ASCHE owner, Molly Kavenaugh, acknowledged that modern cannabis users don’t want to go to the traditional head shop or bodega, they crave style, design, and authenticity. That’s why she developed a line of scent-blocking leather goods, jewelry accessories, home goods, and more. 

We LOVE the leather collection offering joint sleeves, lighter covers, vape sleeves, and pouches. Head to Asche website.

DinglehoppeShoppe “Buy Weed from Women” Beanie

We found DinglehoppeShoppe on Etsy and were immediately pulled by their “Buy Weed from Women” beanie. I mean, we totally agree with the sentiment 😉

Shop owner, Sarah Krut, has a variety of apparel, accessories and home decor perfect for the cannabis connoisseur in your life. 

(Oh…you’re the cannabis connoisseur in your life? You can count on us not to tell anyone that you’re buying yourself another gift)

Shop DinglehoppeShoppe

LaundryDayCo Grinder

Alright, LaundryDayCo’s grinders serve up shiny, nautical realness. Our favorite grinder is the pictured, Paola Herb grinder. It’s subtle, detailed, and looks like a compact mirror! 

After seeking out personal smoking pieces for years, founder Victoria Ashley, who uses cannabis as a natural sleep aid, noticed an opportunity to create approachable, design-forward smoking products.

Shop LaundryDayCo

Apothacarry Case

Apothecarry was started by a 36 year old tv executive and mother who never saw herself as a “smoker.” She developed Apothacarry to provide cases that secure bud away from kids and pets. 

All of their cases and humidors are a must-have for the dabbing connoisseur! Each case is made individually with minor unique differences from what is pictured on their site.

Shop Apothacarry

High Society Collection

Everything from High Society Collection is handmade with love by its founder and designer, Erin Colvin. 

Every piece of jewelry embodies minimalism with Art Deco details. Erin’s work has been published and displayed internationally in notable museums and exhibits.

We love the passion, research and attention to detail and culture that goes into every piece at HSC.

Shop High Society Collection

Blunted Objects Necklace

First things first, the scroller on their website is a blunt and it is SO MUCH FUN. 

Second, this female-owned jewelry company is focused on challenging the negative stigma surrounding cannabis.

Third, all pieces are aimed to be statement-making, instigate double-takes, and connect you with the cannabis community with unique pieces that nod to your high interests.


Tee Pot Store Crew Neck

The Tee Pot store is a movement and brand that dares to be blunt without compromising creativity. 

Its high-quality apparel and accessories are so comfortable and stylish, and the founder JM Balbuena is a boss babe who’s a legacy Pink Sesh queen.

Shop Tee Pot Store

Letter Shoppe Hoodie

We get inspired as f*ck when we go to Letter Shoppe’s website! It’s a size-inclusive clothing line and the apparel is stunningly detailed and vibrant. Each design is created by the owner and artist, Dina Rodriguez. 

AND not to mention, the empowering words on the website are inspiring and super fun to read. 

Shop Letter Shoppe

Jane Parade Crew Neck

Per its website: 

“Jane Parade is a lifestyle brand based in Brooklyn, NY. Founded in 2018, Jane Parade is designed with women who consume cannabis in mind. 

Each piece is subtle in concept, with a playful approach, our mission is to change the image of women who toke.”

Excuse us while we add everything on its website to our cart…

Shop JaneParade

AnnaBliss Swag Bag

Founder and owner of AnnaBliss, Jeanine Moss, went in for a hip replacement that threw her into a “brain-hazed opioid hell.” When traditional medicine let her down, she turned to cannabis.

Over time she realized how many other women were doing the same. She grew tired of feeling like a criminal when digging through her bag for her lighter or a joint, so she started AnnaBliss.

We highly recommend you go to the website and read the full story, because it is truly inspiring. All of her handbags are aroma-blocking and fashion-forward.

Shop AnnaBliss

The Canncierge

Well, finally, a product that we all need. Have you coughed in public yet? We have, and the looks we receive…aren’t the most friendly. 

Fair enough, we suppose, but…

THANKFULLY, the beautiful, creative and innovative Canncierge created these “it’s a weed cough” masks. I mean, at this point, they’re a necessity.

Shop The Canncierge


Stonedware Pipes

Stonedware Company makes stunning geopipes that make you want to put your pinky up while taking a toke!

The quality is exceptional and the owner/founder, Ariel Zimman, hand crafts each piece individually to ensure the most high-quality product.

We particularly gravitate towards their geopipes as they fit perfectly in your hand and are aesthetically breathtaking.

Shop StonedWare

Miwak Junior Limonene Dream Terpene Wash

We adore the pipes that female-owned Miwak Junior creates. They are unique and feminine. 

But, we particularly wanted to highlight one of our favorite products from them which is their Limonene Dream Terpene Wash!

They actually partnered with LA-based, female-owned wellness company Primary Elements to develop this safe and effective pipe cleaner.

Shop Miwak Junior

My Bud Vase Signature Collection

This female-owned business transforms stunning one-of-a-kind vases into smoking devices perfect for the sophisticated smoker.

The beautiful products were inspired by CEO, Doreen Sullivan’s, experience hitting a bong when a repair man came to the door. She hurried and put it on a shelf with her other vases, which sparked her to realize how visually similar bongs and vases are. 

All products are a must-buy but we particularly adore the vases from its Signature Collection.

Shop My Bud Vase

Elevate Jane Vintage Collection

This female-owned business transforms stunning one-of-a-kind vases into smoking devices perfect for the sophisticated smoker.

The beautiful products were inspired by CEO, Doreen Sullivan’s, experience hitting a bong when a repair man came to the door. She hurried and put it on a shelf with her other vases, which sparked her to realize how visually similar bongs and vases are. All products are a must-buy but we particularly adore the vases from its Signature Collection.

Shop Elevate Jane Vintage Collection

Tetra Pipes

Founded in 2015, Tetra is a retail shop and accessories brand offering beautifully designed smoking objects for aesthetically minded people.

Their two female founders, Monica Khemsurov and Eviana Hartman, encourage you to use their products as an opportunity to unwind and disconnect. 

Shop Tetra


Jenny, the founder of YewYewShop, created her company out of her passion for smoking. She wanted to create beautiful glass pieces that can be proudly displayed, instead of kept hidden. 

Their triangle and half-circle pipes are easy-to-clean, hold and smoke from. 

There is bound to be the perfect product for yew or a loved one 🙂

Shop YewYewShop


Blazed University

While they may not have products to sell, these two stoner gals have a damn good podcast. Each episode, Alley and Spencer get high and teach each other something new. 

This is the perfect *free* gift to make someone’s day. Even if you just refer the podcast to your best stoner gal.

Shop Blazed University


Estrohaze was founded by three amazing women of color focused on highlighting the lifestyle benefits of cannabis. 

Its website is packed with amazing videos, recipes and resources to integrate cannabis into your lifestyle.

We love how they marry cannabis and education together in an approachable, entertaining way.

Shop Estrohaze

Cannabellalux Holiday Shop

Tiffany Woodman is the founder and CEO of Canna Bella Lux, the femme-forward, cannabis-inspired “highbrid” boutique and lifestyle brand.

Canna Bella Lux is focused on providing an elevated experience and ethically sourced items from Womyn, POC, LGBTQIA+ and small businesses.

We adore the entire website, because it encompasses both products and lifestyle. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the lady in your life, we suggest checking out the holiday shop here!

CannabitchBrands Rolling Papers

Well, let’s start with the name…Cannabitch Brands.

Cannabitch roll?

Cannabitch smoke? 

Cannabitch do anything? Hell yes she can!

We LOVE the sass this brand gives off, and their slow-burning, hemp rolling papers are the perfect addition to your rolling collection.

Shop CannabitchBrands

CragansCrates Gift Box

There’s something for everyone in CragansCrates! Shop owner, Katie, displays and sells her custom curated crates filled with every stoner’s delight. 

This is a great gift for someone you want to wow under the tree.

Shop CragansCrates

4/20 Book Society Book Club

420 Book Society is a female-owned and operated book subscription service for the productive stoner! We absolutely adore this subscription model and love how each monthly box comes with a book and 2-3 cannabis accessories/extras. 

Items may include hemp derived CBD health and wellness products from bath bombs, salves and everything in between, stash jars, glass, jewelry, apparel, accessories and more!

Shop 4/20 Book Society

ThePsySpark Glow in the dark goddess grinder

Alright, imagine this: You’re stupid stoned with your best girlfriends watching movies and eating Takis. 

The lights are out and you want to pack a bowl, but you don’t want to ruin the vibe. 

Voila! Your friend pulls out her glow in the dark grinder. All is well in the world.

If that wasn’t enough to sell you, then just head to ThePsySpark’s Etsy shop! The owner, Jo, hand makes all of the stunning pieces.

Shop ThePsySpark


ForFunKreationz is a female-owned Etsy shop with a fabulous 5-star rating!  

Their rolling trays are full of personality and they have one for every stoner in the book.

Shop ForFunKreationz


LEVO II Home Infusion Kit

Founder & CEO Chrissy Bellman had her “lightbulb” moment in 2011, watching a group of friends struggle to infuse in a small dorm room. So she created this super fun, high-quality Home Infusion Kit. 

This is the perfect gift for the edible-lover in your life. And no shame if you’re the edible lover yourself 😉


Ardent Cannabis

Founder and President of Ardent, Shanel A. Lindsay struggled for years to dose accurately with her medicine. That’s why she dove into research and testing to develop a home device that delivers decarbed marijuana to patients looking for an alternative method to consume.

Their newest device, the Easy Bake Ardent, is honestly groundbreaking and soon to be a household staple for anyone who enjoys or medicates with cannabis.

Shop Ardent Cannabis

Did we miss a shop? We tried our very best to compile this list, but we know there are so many creative, innovative women in cannabis out there that deserve to be featured.

Please send us a DM on Instagram to submit a female-owned, cannabis-inspired shop to be added to our first annual Holidaze Gift Guide. 

Female Friendships and Cannabis – A Perfect Match

Cannabis gives me a greater sense of connection to my friends. Cannabis breaks down barriers that differences build.  It opens us up to vulnerability, acceptance, love, and respect. Friendships flourish through social meet-ups and the shared acceptance of cannabis. 

My name is Patty Roe, CEO of Pink Haze and Pink Sesh.  And This is my story of Female Friendships and Cannabis – a Perfect Match.

Conflicted as a Republican operative and a cannabis consumer, I looked around to see if I could make a stealth exit from the Congressional Chiefs of Staff reception. This was a typical move in Washington DC but usually because someone was “overserved” or wanted to ditch an overzealous intern. For me, it was past time to sneak a toke of cannabis. Cannabis was my social consumption choice and helped me cope when drinkers told the same stories over and over as they swayed back and forth.

If my peers in Washington DC knew I was a “stoner”, my career would be over. On Capitol Hill, news travels fast and opinions form before sentences end. Hiding from professional peers didn’t bother me as much as hiding from my friends. At times I stayed home because of my appetite for joints over cocktails. It wasn’t an accepted way to blow off steam or decompress. I denied social outings and sometimes felt isolated and disconnected. I wasn’t authentic about my love for cannabis and it affected my female friendships – the relationships I relied on the most in a stressful climate. 

Without genuineness, friendships fail or remain shallow and disintegrate. And without deep and meaningful female friendships, life just moves along a path without the sense of deep connection that women need for overall wellness. I didn’t realize then how much I craved acceptance among my friends. But in my fear of losing too much, I never gave them the opportunity to fully know who I was, cannabis and all. 

It was later when I found the power of true authenticity and transparency within the realm of female friendships.

The power of female friendships is strong. Women crave strong alliances and need the kind of emotional support that male friends and husbands can’t provide. Let’s face it, most of our emotional and mental strength comes from bonds with strong females. Women are intuitive and listen, support, and empower each other. The development of strong and healthy friendships is something all women can benefit from. In fact, according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, women with close social and emotional ties have a better survival and fewer reoccurrences within the first few years of being diagnosed with cancer. It is undeniable that women need women to live a happy and healthy life.

It wasn’t until my forties, when I moved to a California, a cannabis legal state, that I became transparent and authentic about my passion for the controversial plant medicine. Even though, as a political consultant, I still hid my cannabis consumption, outside of work, my friendships progressed. I discovered that cannabis is a female-friendship gamechanger. Many friends enjoyed toking and the ones who didn’t were happy if I was. 

However, women have struggled for decades with the stigma of cannabis use. Even in a legal state, women are judged. It isn’t viewed as feminine to see a women with a joint in her hand. And God forbid if a woman comes home to a toke over a glass of wine. How could she possibly take care of the family, make dinner, help with homework, clean, and finish her work after everyone is asleep? 

There’s a strain for that. But that’s a topic for a different article.

Needless to say, even in today’s legal-ish world of cannabis, there are still women hiding their consumption.

So, how do you meet like-minded women? There are many groups based on age, activities, and events that usually involve cocktails. The Junior League, Red Hat Society, and In Her Shoes are examples of great organizations for females to gather. Women find meaningful relationships all of the time by joining these membership groups and are better for it.

But, what if… you don’t care about any of that and you prefer to whoop it up among the clouds? That’s right, there is a special breed of modern women who prefer to socialize around cannabis and crave the kind of friendships that allow them to be themselves. Some women use cannabis to overcome social anxieties so it makes perfect sense to find new friends that are like-minded about their favorite plant. 

It seemed like a dream until women in San Diego started to gather once a month under the name of Pink Sesh Society. Pink because it’s inherently feminine and represents friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, and approachability. Sesh is an abbreviation of session which is defined as an informal social get-together or meeting to perform a group activity. Society represents the diverse women of all ages that come together to find special friendships and bonds they haven’t found elsewhere. There is no hiding cannabis from this part of their lives. Instead they celebrate it with authentic bonds, relationships, and, most of all, fun.

Some of the Pink Sesh ladies refer to Pink Sesh Society as a “super diverse sorority with weed.” But in this “weed sorority” there is no mold for our sisters. This sisterhood revolves around an aura of acceptance, cooperation, communication, connection, and compassion mutual amongst like-minded, strong women that support each other in different stages of life. It is the epitome of the belief that women must stick together to learn and grow, and possibly take over the world. 

This experience in San Diego and the outpouring of messages from women who want to find their “girl gang” has the Pink Sesh Society on a mission to assist women who prefer the “puff, puff, pass” network model. Pink Sesh Society is growing and offers a national membership that revolves around cannabis, sisterhood, empowerment, and events.

Social jitters have you paralyzed?

Have you ever felt anxious to attend an important event? Take that and multiply it by a hundred. That’s how I feel about most events, even casual occasions like a dinner party at a friend’s home. 

I worry about how to act, if people will like me, and if I will know the right things to say. All of these thoughts send my heart racing and my anxiety levels to the ceiling. I asked my doctor about this hard-to-knock anxiety but he prescribed pills that I didn’t want to take.

Social anxiety is the third largest psychological problem in the United States today. It has been recorded to not only affect at least 15 million Americans a year, but staggering numbers worldwide. 

I run through lists of excuses to avoid events and my social pain altogether. Avoiding social events is nearly impossible but I’ve been fortunate to find cannabis helpful with my condition. When I can’t escape my critical thoughts, I grab my favorite glass pipe filled with Jack Herer and take a nice long drag. As the smoke dances around me, my anxiety fades away. The smoke dissipates from my second drag and so do my fears.

Sativas are known to have a stronger cerebral effect and cause paranoia at times. However, sativas like Jack Herer or Strawberry Cough are different from other sativas, because they produce euphoric qualities and relaxing effects equally. It’s important to find a strain that keeps you alert and social, but relaxed enough to push through social fears that hold us back.

Like other debilitating mental conditions, symptoms and severity are as different as the people that experience them. Sole treatment for social anxiety with cannabis isn’t recommended for everyone, but I feel fortunate to have found which strains help me cope with my symptoms. I don’t miss important events or even think twice about accepting the invitation. OK, maybe I think twice. Not only does cannabis allow me to conquer the anxiety, but also it allows me to make genuine connections with people that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

If you struggle with social anxiety or jitters, who’s to say cannabis can’t help make a difference? If you live in a recreational state, pick up a strain specific vape and take one puff. Your inner social butterfly may flutter before you.

Ladies Cannabis Club – Take the Pledge

It’s time for modern women to find the sisterhood we’ve been searching for. Pink Haze formally launched the Ladies Cannabis Club in January 2018, bringing together groups of women with different backgrounds to enjoy a monthly lunch sesh filled with laughter, support, sisterhood, and cannabis.

We didn’t stop there; we added a Ladies Cannabis Club pledge pin. Together as the Ladies Cannabis Club sisters, we pledge to live exceptionally, accept no judgment, be our beautiful selves, live by our own rules, and empower ourselves to empower others.  The pin we wear reminds us all that we are in this together.

Ladies, the world is ours and we’re taking it back.

Choosing Strains for the Purpose Driven Warrior

“There’s an app for that” has been replaced with “there’s a strain for that.” 

Walk into a dispensary and listen. People request strains for sleep, anxiety, creativity, nausea, sex drive, and any other day-to-day issues. Budtenders enlighten consumers about strains they’ve personally tested or are known for certain characteristics.

As women who hustle, we are in constant search for strains to assist with our drive and focus. Here’s the quick lowdown on our top five favorites over the past year of research.

Durban Poison

A powerful sativa, Durban Poison has an aroma of citrus and pine needles and tastes of licorice and mint. This sweet piney strain delivers an intense boost of energy to kick you off the couch and toward tasks that require a clear head. Whether you’re doing laundry or completing financials for your business, you’ll be doing it with motivation, concentration, and best of all bliss. One last shout out to Pink Haze’s MVP, due to the levels of the THCV cannabinoid, Durban is known to curb your appetite. Step away from the bon bons!

Jack Herer

Another popular sativa is Jack Herer with hints of lemon and woody spice to the palate. Jack is known for mood and energy elevation so it’s used among the stressed and depressed with good reason. However, once you get that uplifted euphoric spirit, you will be inspired and energized to conquer a new task creatively and happily. This strain is also known to assist with ADD/ADHD and nausea. It was named after, Jack Herer, the author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, who spent his life fighting for cannabis legalization. We love Jack!

Green Crack

A sativa originally known as Cush, Green Crack is known for its sweet flavor with tropical and citrus notes. This strain will make you want to kick off your shoes and dance to a happy song… right before you tackle that blog you’ve been meaning to write for the past seven days. As a favorite of Snoop Dogg, who gave it the name Green Crack, it’s also known to help ease the pain of arthritis, headaches, and PMS as well as symptoms of anorexia, depression, and stress. If Snoop likes it…

Lemon Haze

We don’t need us to tell you about the sweet and fragrant citrus smell of this sativa. Lemon Haze is a fast-acting cerebral elevation as well as a mental buzz that will have you searching for upbeat and stimulating conversation. It does not disappoint for brainstorming ideas with partners and collaborations or even sneak a quick puff to have a full evening of fun and laughs with the family. Watch out, this one could make you sit the kids in front of a movie while you and Dad… well, you know.

Sour Diesel

This sativa-dominate hybrid packs in a diesel gas aroma with a hint of lemon on the palate. Its invigorating cerebral buzz opens the door to all sorts of creativity. Did someone ask you to play Legos for the umpteenth time? You just might want to. Commonly used to relieve anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue. Sour Diesel is a good daytime flower and will surely give you a head start… or should we say a full tank?