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Above The Clouds

To the daydreamer, the ones with their head in the clouds and feet off the ground. The women who aren’t afraid to dictate their own thoughts. Keep dreaming.

Above the Clouds strains are curated for their stony, relaxed and euphoric effects which allow our consumers to sit back, exhale, and binge watch a season of their favorite Netflix series.

Available Forms

Flower Eighths

Flower Eighths

One Gram Pre-Rolls

One Gram Pre-Rolls


The Above the Clouds Vibe




Netflix & Chill

Above The Clouds Effects Image

Cannabinoids & Terpenes

We Love Terpenes

Pink Haze Above the Clouds strains will often show levels of D-Limonene, beta caryophyllene, beta myrcene, and linalool. The aroma and flavor of our Above the Clouds strains will range from sweet and earthy to sour citrus.

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