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Paint The Sky

For our free spirits, the carefree souls who are not afraid to march to the beat of their own drum. These are the women that will change the world.

Paint the Sky strains are curated for their productive, creative, and happy effects which allow our consumers to complete a to-do list, create social content, or laugh on the phone with a friend.

Available Forms

Flower Eights

Flower Eights

One Gram Pre-Rolls

One Gram Pre-Rolls


The Paint the Sky Vibe







Paint The Sky Effects Image

Cannabinoids & Terpenes

We Love Terpenes

Pink Haze energetic Paint the Sky strains will often show high levels of Terpinolene, Beta Pinene, Beta Myrcene, D-Limonene, and Beta Caryophyllene. Paint the Sky strains have unique and wonderfully distinctive tastes and aromas from loud citrus to earthy sweet spice.

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