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Paint The Sky

Where would we be without the free spirits? Paint the Sky is for the carefree woman who takes every adventure that comes her way. Our thrill seekers and our entrepreneurs. Don’t be afraid to throw your hands in the air and paint the sky shades of red. You are going to change the world.


Available Forms

Flower Eights

Flower Eights

One Gram Pre-Rolls

One Gram Pre-Rolls


Among Those who smoked paint the sky…

60% felt carefree

40% felt focused

35% felt clear minded

Paint The Sky Effects Image

Cannabinoids & Terpenes

Total: 22.01% THC: 18.26%

Terpinolene, beta caryophyllene, beta myrcene, beta pinene
Paint the Sky’s high level of Terpinolene gives this strain a unique and wonderfully distinctive scent. It is earthy, sweet and spicy all wrapped into one.

Gas, Cinnamon, Hops, Earthy, Pine

Paint The Sky Cannabinoids & Terpenes Image
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